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Why is a ring sling useful for parents and best for babies!


My NEWBORN is CRYING, I have to tend to my other young child, I have housework to do! How will I ever handle it all? Use of one of our baby ring slings is an excellent answer to help you snuggle with your baby AND give you the opportunity to do other things…housework, shopping, computer work, breastfeed your little one, etc.


Baby slings (aka: baby carriers slings or baby ring slings) have been used for centuries and helps to calm and soothe a baby. It allows your baby with the remarkable opportunity to feel and hear your familiar and comforting heartbeat just as he/she had for the nine months in your cozy womb.
There are so many reasons why our Baby Slings are useful. The obvious being that you can carry baby with you easily and comfortably. We have done several years worth of research to find out why the ring slings are beneficial to both mom (or dad, grandma, etc.) and to baby.

Here are some of the reasons:

1  It is truly a hands-free way to carry baby. You can carry baby securely against you while doing the laundry, working on your computer, or simply just walking.

2  Promotes a healthy bond between you and baby.

3  Promotes breastfeeding. You can very easily nurse baby discreetly while baby is in the sling.

4  It is very easy to use. Just slip the sling over your head and rest on your shoulder. Put baby in between you and the sling, then just pull the fabric through the rings to tighten and you’re done. That simple!

5  Great for dads, grandparents, and all other caretakers of baby

6  Baby will feel very secure and safe next to you, hearing your comforting heartbeat, just as baby did for the months she/he was inside of you.

7  Great for colicky/fussy babies. These ring slings promote sleep. Most newborns fall asleep within ten minutes in the ring sling.

8 – You can take a sleeping baby out of the ring sling without waking him/her. Just simply loosen the sling at the rings.

9  Some front-style commercial carriers sold in stores, can be stressful to a newborn’s spine. Slings have been tried and tested in most other countries for centuries, and cradles the baby’s back and spine in the correct position.

The bottom-line is that baby needs your contact, warmth and security; our baby slings provide a way for this to happen.

Nursing Hold Position


Put baby in the snuggle hold. Support baby`s weight and loosen the fabric slightly.

Turn baby so that he/she lays tummy-to-tummy with you with their head on the opposite side of the rings, in the nursing position, and flare out the fabric that is under the baby’s head (so the head is supported by the fabric). Tighten sling if needed.

The tail of the fabric can be used as a shield, so that it will be very easy to nurse in public discreetly.

For toddlers or bigger babies, their feet will be hanging out of the sling – Just keep baby’s bump at the lowest point with his thighs alleviating upwards.

When your baby has finished nursing, place him/her back into the snuggle hold

Note: Your baby sling can easily be also used to bottle feed your bundle of joy!



Moms in Mind Sarong Carriers



Moms in Mind Sarong Carriers have been made and sold in Singapore since developed in 1997. Moms in Mind has learned first hand what parents like and dislike about baby carriers. 

  • Rings: Moms in Mind uses only heavy-duty fully molded nylon rings. Such rings are durable, can withstand weight, stress and  countless washings in the washing machine & dryer. The rings have been tested to endure pulling & stress tension way beyond 390kg to 570kg forces. Wooden or plastic craft rings, while usable, may not be 100% safe over the long-term.
  • Padding: Traditional baby carriers are made  without padding and work very well. Keeping in line with such carriers, MIM slings have added just the right amount of lightweight padding around the edges to give that extra touch of comfort for both the parents and the growing baby. This was done through observing how a few babies & children sat in the sling and measuring vital points. Too much padding can be uncomfortable in our weather and makes it cumbersome to store the sling when not in use. Padding used is lightweight closely-woven fibre-fill polyester quilt. This does not disintegrate with washing. Extra Stitching is added to secure so the quilt padding does not get twisted with washing. Padding was strategically placed only where necessary and is light enough to be pulled through the Nylon Rings so that the parent can adjust the baby carrier as snugly as he/she needs to.Baby carriers that use clips or knots tend to dig into the body.   They aren’t made to tighten or loosen to accommodate the many different babywearing positions. Our baby carrier has a wide specially shaped shoulder band that fits snugly around either of your shoulders. This helps distribute weight evenly across your back, reducing the risk of lower back strain.The absence of carrying straps is good for the nursing mother. Thin straps tend to cut into the chest area and increasing the risk of breast infections like blocked ducts.
  • WideTail of the baby carrier is made long and left open. This open-tail allows you to adjust each section of the baby carrier independently, so that you can get a snug fit. The longer tail accomodates the needs of larger-framed parents.The open-tail is good for extra coverage that may be needed for discreet breastfeeding and is good also for shielding baby from the hot sun & light rain.Do not tie any accessories or toys to this tail. Having such at this portion of the sling makes it dangerous as there is the possiblity of the toys hitting at your baby when you adjust the sling for the right size and when you unthinkingly use the tail for shielding during breastfeeding or from weather conditions.
  • Fabric: This does not have to be thick to be durable. To carry a child up to the ages of 2 to 3 years, cloth of dress-weight fabric is strong enough.  You only need the fabric to be able to support a mere 18kg child at most. Having unnecessarily thicker fabric would mean you can carry a baby elephant in the sling – actually even 2 baby elephants. It’s not quite what you want, right?  It also means a heavier baby carrier and a feeling of hotness in our climate. MIM slings use cotton fabric for breathibilty. In any case, to put your mind at ease, our fabric & our sling/ring security system has been tested to hold up to weights of beyond 390kg before any slipping.  Now , that’s quite close to the baby elephant, eh?
  • Weight of Sling: We want the baby carrier to weigh as little as possible so as not to add more weight than necessary to the already heavy child that we are carrying. Moms in Mind sarong carrier uses lightweight materials and the whole sling weighs in total only 380 grams.
  • Accessories:  To be truly handsfree, you can put your purse or handphone together with your baby in the pouch of the sling where your baby is sitting. You may also clip your keychain around the rings of the sling. This is convenient and tends to be  a source of entertainment for your child – now you don’t even need to bring what is classified as “toys” out! A note here though – do not hang too many items because if they are hung loosely and not tucked into the pouch,the weight of the hanging items may constantly bang you or the baby.And babies older than 3 months would tend to be more interested in watching the world go by while in the sling than playing with toys. Do take the chance to talk to them as you go about your day.  As they are in the sling, they would be at your level and can hear you better and likewise it will be easier for you to be more responsive. They do tend to learn very quickly as such by being in the sling and participating in their mother’s daily acitivities like marketing & running errands.